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The Hardest Part of Education

For many teachers and students, the hardest part of school is the same thing. Students have a hard time with the many essays they have to write, and teachers struggle to stay on top of the many term papers they have to grade. For this reason, many teachers have moved away from traditional essays and papers, but that is a mistake. Essays can enhance learning in many different ways.The Benefits of the Essay
A multiple choice or true/false question has severely limited correct answers. An essay can have shades of meaning and variances that simply don’t exist in simple responses. This is great for the student and the teacher. The student can demonstrate all that he knows on a topic, and the teacher can give incremental scores based on the knowledge demonstrated. It is a win-win.

Dealing with Essays

Experienced teachers all over the world, including those at American boarding schools, have developed ways to use the essay without spending hours grading and correcting them. There is no rule stating every essay must be grammatically correct and saturated in red pen. Think of the purpose of the essay and go from there. Are you looking for information? Then the spelling and grammar might not be an issue. Is this a final copy after revisions? It’s time for the red pen.

Students have to learn to share their thoughts via essay. Not only is it important for overall communication of knowledge, it is a crucial skill that will take them through college and beyond. There are many sources of help in constructing essays both print and online. Of course, it is important to remember that you only get out of an essay what you put in.